Healthcare Dott La la Medical hires well but enough with the precariousness

Healthcare, Dott. Lala: “ medical assumptions? Well, but enough with the precariousness ”

The Dott. Roberto Lala, president of the Order of Doctors of Rome, spoke to the microphones of the “Genetica Oggi” broadcast, conducted by Andrea Lupoli on Radio Cusano Campus, broadcaster of the Niccolò Cusano University (www.Unicusano.IT).

The doctors lent to politics that have become ministers. “They have never done well- said Lala- because the doctor, however good and professionally prepared, when he assumes a political role he enters a role that is not purely his own. He is a technician, but he cannot perform that political function that serves to govern a complex system like that of health. It is a vast field.

It is difficult to combine the political role with the technical and specific role of my profession “.

From the go -ahead government to 6000 hires of doctors and nurses throughout the national territory. “It is a hope – said Lala-. I hope the government has found the tool to reinsert those forces that are indispensable to reconstruct the health system. I am especially interested in a principle: in order to work the precariousness it cannot be the tool. In any job and above all in those in which you must prepare professionally from a point of view not only physical but also psychological, you cannot always be with a job in the balance. If we have to give fixed -term contracts for a short period of time and then move on to the permanent ones, okay.

If, on the other hand, this determined time becomes a solution that travels over the years then it is no longer shareable.

Doctors’ errors. “Often small mistakes become castles because there is some lawyer behind it that wants to enrich themselves. When we find statistical data that tell us that 95% of the criminal causes against doctors translates into nothing, it is clear that behind it there is a push linked to a compensation desire beyond normal expectations. They are percentages that border on the paradox, it is clear that there is something behind. Now the DDL on civil and criminal professional liability is going on, but those are measures that our legislators should carry on in faster times, because they protect the system in general.

It is useless to say we have 10 billion of waste for defensive medicine, but if you then put 10 years to make a bill on civil and criminal professional liability, then it is useless for us to talk about it “.