Soma and psyche interactions and professional evolutions compared in a conference in Naples

Soma and psyche, interactions and evolutions: professionals in comparison in a conference in Naples

In modern psychology (and also in the common use) the psyche is understood as the complex of functions and processes that give the individual's experience of himself and the world and that inform their behavior. ‘ from the ancient Mens Sana in body healthy, the body mind body has been investigated differently over the centuries, but always occupying a prominent place between philosophy, medicine and psychology. Dealing with one cannot ignore the other‘ This is the reason that pushed Dr. Fabio Delicato (psychologist, criminologist) to organize and moderate a conference entitled: Soma and Psyche, interactions and and evolutions. The event, sponsored by the Order of the Psychologists of Campania, was held a few days ago, at the Hotel East, sponsored by Dermoresearch, Nice-Servizi of Aesthetic Medicine, Fisiocenter Falco and CSP-Centro for the study of personality. Has met with a large participation thanks to the professional value of the speakers.

Specifically, the contributions of Raffaella De Simone (gynecologist); Vincenzo Falco (Massofsiotherapist); Gabriella Laudiero (nutritionist) and Maria Teresa Masucci (doctor, oncologist) have focused on the particular importance of the relationship between user/patient and professional. All aspects were taken into consideration, starting from the setting, passing through the suffering and the meeting with the professional himself. E ’ therefore a vision of medicine understood as art that takes care not a part of our body, but the person.