Flu vaccine the campaign against l is started influence

Flu vaccine, the campaign against the influence started

We assume that theinfluence is one of the important diseases and that often can request the hospitalization especially if the weakest subjects such as elderly and children are affected and that the flu vaccine It is very important for the protection of health.

In reality data of recent years have calculated that people infected from virus of the influence;, In Italy about 5 million, it affects more violently subjects
under 65 years.

It should be noted that to date the best way to avoid contagion from the flu virus is without a doubt the flu vaccine. It is also the only way to avoid the propagation of the virus in a more violent way and preserve weaker subjects who cannot be vaccinated for different pathologies. It is therefore good to know how the 2017 flu virus is prevented and treated.

Flu vaccine has started the campaign

The campaign of vaccination against influence; It has started for a few days, for example the Vaccination influence Rome has already been active since 16 October.
The Lazio Region with millions of doses and that will be distributed through 5 thousand doctors. There anti influenza campaign of this year will focus on vaccinating the greatest number of elderly people, who are the weakest, to avoid serious physical problems.

The ideal period for Vaccine against the 2017 influence It is from October until December, the period in which the peak of the flu virus it is at most.

Where you can vaccinate?

As every year is important Vaccine against the influence; not only for a question of health but also for a social and help against the propagation of the virus itself which in weak subjects can even cause death. Recall that the flu vaccine is indicated to all those who. They want to avoid the disease, clearly that we have no problems related to specific contraindications, the attending physician knows our history clinic can surely give us this information.

From those who spied on to get vaccinated?