Whiten the teeth there are natural remedies to do it

Whiten the teeth, there are natural remedies to do it?

The health of our teeth it is quite important. How many times we go to the dentist to make a correct cleaning of the teeth, or we spend more than 500 euros to bleach them perfectly?

Whitening the teeth with natural elements is possible?

Well, it is to know that the first “maintenance” of the mouth should make it ourselves. Like? Wash your teeth after each meal, for example, prevents food residues from getting stuck between teeth.

But not only.

Today we would like to talk to you about a grandmother’s remedy, one of the most famous and used: sodium bicarbonate. Yes, the one you use to digest after a lavish meal! You knew that bicarbonate has many properties and that in the past it was used as an ingredient for many natural remedies?

But it is not the only ingredient we will talk about. Many are easily available and we often have them at home, at hand!

Bicarbonate is a perfect element to whiten the teeth

  • Ash: Our grandmothers had to reuse every ingredient or natural element they had available. Often, we tried to “invent”, to be perspicacious. Walnut wood ash is a great way to whiten the teeth;
  • Strawberries: You knew that the strawberry pulp is a very powerful natural bleaching?
  • Sage: The biggest problem of our teeth are the stains that are formed, following the coffee, the smoke of the cigarette or the excessive use of certain elements. Sage is a great way to remove spots;
  • Sodium bicarbonate: We named it before and it’s really useful. In addition to being used for many solutions to clean the house, baking soda is considered a whitening. Just rub it a little on the teeth with the help of the toothbrush. Do it delicately.

Do not abuse these remedies, because they could ruin the enamel: once a month it is more than enough. Recall that these methods are not a substitute for medical and dental care that must be done periodically.