TanTarella the advice of Dr. Luigi Scarpato Specialist in Dermatology

TanTarella, the advice of Dr. Luigi Scarpato Specialist in Dermatology

Summer is approaching and sun lovers are ready to expose themselves to get the so -called tan. Many people forget, however, that exposing themselves to the sun wrongly has risky consequences for the well -being of their skin. We interviewed Dr. Luigi Scarpato, Dermatology specialist who works at the melanoma unit of the melanoma; Tumor Institute of Naples, G Foundation. Pascale

What are the important things to know before exposing us to the sun?

It must be known that the sun has beneficial effects if taken in a careful way. If you exaggerate with exposure to ultraviolet rays (both sun and solar lamps), significantly increases the risk of skin tumors. The important thing is to avoid direct and prolonged exposure in the central hours of the day, like from 11:00 to 15:00, and use sunscreen adequate to your phototype.

Doctor who are the individuals most exposed to the risk of scalds?

People with light hair and light complexion, children and all those who have autoimmune pathologies or who take photosensitizing drugs.

What are the most delicate parts of the body and how to protect themselves?

It is important to protect the entire body surface through the use of appropriate sunscreen (to be renewed every hour or after sweating/shower/bathroom by sea), or photoprotective clothing, hat and sunglasses.

When it’s time to make accurate control in the in?

In the absence of specific risk factors, the control of the in Epiluminescence must be carried out by the dermatologist once a year starting from childhood, always associated with the monthly self -examination (i.e. evaluating their own on alone, perhaps with the help of a mirror for the most difficult to reach areas) following the rule A B C D E: asymmetry, edges, color, size, evolution, suspected injuries.

There are foods that help the skin during the tanning phase?

There are antioxidant and anti -inflammatory foods, for example orange red fruit (strawberries, some citrus fruits, pomegranate, cherries and watermelon), vegetables (such as broccoli, spinach, carrots tomatoes), dark chocolate and green tea.

What kind of protection advises?

Solar protection must be adapted to the patient’s latitude, age and phototype. Example: People with light complexion and light hair who always burn themselves, and all children, must always use high/very high protection (Pooltipo 1-2: SPF 50-50+). People who tend to tan, with darker complexion: media protection (photo-Totype 3: SPF 30-50).

Very dark people or when you expose yourself for a very short time to UV rays: Low Protection (PHOTOTIPO 4: SPF 6-10).

What are the benefits associated with correct exposure to the sun? Sunbathing is good?

Sunbathing is good and it is essential for proper growth and correct development. The beneficial effects are, for example, the production of vitamin D with positive consequences on the bones and an effective antidepressant action. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can also be natural care for some skin pathologies (psoriasis, lymphomas, atopic dermatitis) and respiratory; It can improve our immune system against infections, and in a positive influences our sleep/vigil rhythm and the consequent hormonal balance.

Doctor what he thinks about the use of tanning lamps?

Exposure to artificial UV rays, such as tanning lamps, significantly increases the risk of skin tumors, the onset of sunscreen, wrinkles and aging photos. They should therefore be avoided, especially at a young age.

Doctor can clarify a doubt: there is a difference between exposing yourself to the sun when you are at the sea compared to when you are in the mountains?

In the mountains the band of atmosphere is less thick than the plain and therefore you can get burned can easily, also because the snow reflects the light more than the sand or grass. Furthermore, let’s not be fooled by the clouds during a location, because ultraviolet rays are capable of crossing the clouds and shedding unexpectedly, especially clearer phototypes !