Corean skin care products and health benefits

Corean skin care: products and health benefits

Oriental women are famous and admired all over the world for well -kept, hydrated, luminous skin, in a nutshell perfectly in a natural way.

Thanks to a Beauty Routine edited in detail and that in the Korean skin care sees well 10 steps.

These are habits conceived not so much as an obligation or a duty, but a real pampering: a moment of relaxation to be allowed twice a day, in which the woman can devote himself to herself.

In this article we see better what Knean skin care is, what are the products needed to make it and the health benefits.

Corean skin care: what it is about

When we talk about Knea Coreana Skin Care we refer to a decidedly well structured beauty routine, the result of a tradition that sees the use of a particular technique.

The technical name is layering And it is nothing more than the stratified use of multiple products, for a total of 10 steps. It starts with light formulations, and then gradually increase with the more full -bodied ones.

These are therefore practices that need attention and even dedication, able to give concrete results. This is confirmed by skin of oriental women, which always appears compact, bright and hydrated.

The signs of expression, as well as spots and imperfections, are decidedly reduced. In the case of Korean women, therefore, luminous skin is not only a genetic question.

Corean skin care: products and steps

Let’s now see the steps to make to make a Korean skin care. As we mentioned, they see the use of 10 different products, To use morning and evening:

  1. Make -up and purifying cleansing oil. A functional product to remove impurities, those of make -up like those of the sebum. A oily make -up remover that prepares the epidermis to receive subsequent cuddles.
  2. Foaming detergent. Inside the Korean daily beauty routine treatments there are two detergents. In this step, you can go deep, thanks to a delicate but more impactful detergent.
  3. Exfoliating face. A sort of small scrub, capable of freeing the skin from impurities and dead cells, far from aggressive in the formulation. It should be applied above all to the T zone, or nose, front and chin.
  4. Tonic. A product to be spread by taping with a cotton disk, capable of giving the skin its particular hydrolipidal balance, eliminating any residual impurities. FREE, more delicate alcohol formulations to be preferred.
  5. Face essence. A highly moisturizing liquid lotion. Being not easy to find, an thermal water can be used alternatively.
  6. Face serum. An increasingly used cosmetic in all Skin Care, made in multiple versions. The ideal is to choose one targeted for the day and one ad hoc for the night.
  7. Face mask. Korean women love fabric masks, but there are really many types. It is not a mandatory passage and should always be made with super delicate products.
  8. Eye area. A cream that protects the area that most of all is subject to aging. It should be applied every time with great delicacy.
  9. Moisturizing face cream. Not everyone knows that, more than depending on age, face cream should be chosen based on the type of skin: dry, normal, mixed, oily. Better to prefer moisturizing textures, not too impacting, to be applied also long neck and décolleté.
  10. Solar protection during the day, face mask at night. These are the last two steps, which have a protective function during the day and reconstructive at night, in order to protect the skin from aging.

Final note

Korean skin care can be made at any age. It is one of the most complete and capable beauty routines of giving concrete results: just choose quality products and suitable for your skin type. Ready to do a test of at least 15 days, and why not a month?