Rome – San Camillo Santori Fdi Degradation to the maternity department new cases of staphylococcus babies

Roma – San Camillo, Santori, Fdi: “ degradation to the maternity department, new cases of staphylococcus, infants at risk ”

“ it is useless that the San Camillo health management hastened to defend the pitiful state in which the hospitalization and the neonatal pathology of the San Camillo are poured by sub -enlisking serious cases of staphylococcus. After the alert of 23 February on the presence of 11 cases of resistant meticyline staphylococcus (MRSA) and the following epidemiological investigation from which 16 children infected since the beginning of the year were, and after, on February 27, the junta Zingaretti had certified the absence of new cases, other patients for newborn with staphylococcus have been recalled. At least two mothers have been put in insulation and an average of 12 women a day are called back to the neonatology clinic.

We are sure that all preventive personnel protection measures and all deeds were really implemented to arrest the epidemic?” This is what Fabrizio Santori, regional councilor of Lazio of Fratelli d’Italia declares – National Alliance regarding the note of the San Camillo Directorate.

“ worries that after a month – continues Santori – The epidemic has not been eradicated. We must not underestimate the risks of even serious infections that such a bacterium could cause different districts of the body. Especially since despite the numerous reports, the maternity pavilion pays in a state of unspeakable degradation and dirt and the photos certify the abandonment in which one of the excellence of Lazio health is left. This certainly does not help, given that the MRSA is transmitted with medical instruments and medical equipment, as well as with direct contact with the infected person.

Without forgetting that the fire -fighting stairs continue, and this is another potential risk in which the infants and mothers hospitalized are found. In addition, lifts do not respect the minimum hygienic transport rules of dirty clothes that would be on the same tracks of clean linen. In addition, waiting lists do not flow.

It is necessary to verify if there are those who take advantage of it to divert the patients of gynecology on private structures, forced to very expensive visits that could be very good in the hospital. What happens to San Camillo has long been crossing the measurement. The direction seems to be less and less and less and less at the height of managing a hospital that has always been a point of reference for its excellence and which, now, is experiencing the darkest part of its history.

It is time to say enough, – Santori concludes – An immediate inspection of the Health Commission that I have already activated with an official note, but which continues to deal with appointments instead of solving the real problems of patients and their families &#8221 is urgent;.