Healthcare Colonnese Vega M5S The Governa takes note of the Incompetence of Minister Lorenzin

Healthcare, Colonnese Vega, M5S: “ the Governa takes note of the incompetence of Minister Lorenzin ”

Vega Colonnese , Deputy of the 5 Star Movement, she was interviewed by Andrea Lupoli during the "Genetic today" format on Radio Cusano Campus, broadcaster of the Niccolò Cusano University ( on the lack of release of the turn-over in hospitals.

“ we are unable to have staff who can follow the shifts-Colonnese said-, we are forced to attend a dramatic situation with the closure of centers of the excellence, we are talking about hospitals that so far guaranteed health of citizens. Now they will be closed and the dramatic situation is expected to privatize healthcare. This is the scenario that we have a bit throughout Italy especially in the commissioner regions. C ’ it is a total failure that could be managed in a different way ”