Toothbrush how often it must be changed

Toothbrush, how often it must be changed

Dentists advise to replace it about three months or in any case as soon as you realize that the bristles are consumed, because then they will have lost their effectiveness and will no longer be able to remove the plaque at best and will be able to damage the gums.

Then the term of the three months about both for both adults and children.

The toothbrush will be changed instead before three months If you suffer from infections or other dental diseases affecting the oral cavity or if you have had the influence, fever or sore throat.

Even in cases of a cold, an infection or a ’ inflammation of the teeth or gums it is always better to replace it because germs such as bacteria and viruses can nest between bristles or on the sleeve of the toothbrush.

In addition, the toothbrush must also be changed when there is a caries.

Including this, it must be remembered that the operation of washing the teeth is very important, and easy and quick to carry out.

After eating it is important to wash the teeth precisely to eliminate the food residues which, if they let themselves be deposited in the spaces between the teeth, could cause an increase in plate and tartar and give rise to caries and inflammation.

It is advisable to wash the teeth at least 2/3 times a day (and after each meal) for about 3 minutes with regular and delicate movements.

It is necessary to have a good interdental floss, a mouthwash suitable for needs (there are also specific ones for sensitive teeth) and a good toothpaste, suitable for the needs and needs of those who use it.

And then don’t forget to book a visit from your dentist or dental hygienist at least once every six months.