Nails there are effective supplements

Nails, there are effective supplements?

To have beautiful and healthy nails, they can be useful natural remedies, such as sweet almond oil to be applied periodically on the skin, aloe vera to hydrate them or the use of natural solvents instead of acetone to remove the enamel.

Treating nutrition is another fundamental garrison: you need to take foods that provide proteins, vitamins and minerals such as fish, eggs, legumes, fruit, vegetables, milk and yogurt.

In addition to external treatments

In addition to external treatments and nutrition, for the beauty and resistance of your nails you can also act from within, assuming effective supplements.

It was noted how much the Biotin supplements can be useful to make the nails more beautiful and resistant.

In fact, this substance allows you to increase the thickness of the nail and, thanks to it, keratin is produced, i.e. the constitutive element of the corneous layer of the nails.

In the same way, the fundamental is also fundamentalfolic acid (also known as Vitamin B9).

The B vitamins, In fact, they are important for the correct nail structure.

In addition to the B9, we remember the role of Vitamin B6 In the production of cysteine, an essential amino acid in the keratin structure.

There Vitamin B5, Instead, it is involved in the proliferation of nail cells.

Finally, the Vitamin B1 favors the use of glucose as an energy source for the synthesis of keratin.

Very important minerals to support nail health are copper, iron, calcium and zinc that stimulate the growth of the nail, working as co-facilities for the enzymes involved in the proliferative process.

For this reason, buy supplements in the pharmacy or parapharmacy containing these minerals, can be of real help.

Finally, take antioxidant vitamins (such as supplements that contain vitamin C) can help make the nails more beautiful, reducing the negative effects produced by free radicals on the nail matrix, and to favor a better and faster growth of the nails.