Infrared thermometer where you buy

Infrared thermometer, where you buy

The latter are stolen in pharmacies and supermarkets, especially since school began precisely because parents, before children or young people enter the classroom, must measure them the temperature.

But thermometers are not present only in this circumstance: outside the shopping centers, for example, an employee will check the temperature of all those who want to access the structure and prevent access to those who have more than 37.5 ° temperature.

To ensure that this operation is faster, more and more the infrared thermometers (which are certainly also more practical to use than the mercury ones) and also allow you to measure the distance temperature, aiming the forehead.

The infrared thermometer or thermoscanner

The Infrared thermometer or thermoscanner It has become truly “popular” during the emergency: it allows you to measure body temperature about 3-5 cm from the person, so the operator prepared is also protected by a possible contagion.

They are increasingly employed, therefore, for their precision and accuracy and are easy to find in pharmacies, supermarkets and online (also on Amazon).

Just on the marketplace it is possible to find various offers regarding the thermoscanners: some have even more features and in addition to allowing you to measure body temperature, they also allow you to insert a “alarm” temperature so that the thermometer sounds when it has been reached.

Others, can also be used to measure the temperature of food or breast milk. Theirs cost oscillates between 20 and 50 euros And in the education booklet it will be indicated at what distance you have to keep the tool from the person you want to measure the temperature.