Trevignano Romano Italian Red Cross blood collection

Trevignano Romano, Italian Red Cross blood collection

Sunday 13 April starting at 08.30 SARà a “ blood collection ” In the premises of the Comprehensive Institute “ Tommaso Silvestri ”, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III – Trevignano Romano (RM).

“ donate the blood and its components ” represents an important gesture that starts from everyone's heart and reaches the whole communityà. It means intervening free of charge, voluntarily and consciously to integrate its availabilityà. In this regard, it is reiterated, as alreadyà In the past, the Italian Red Cross has had the opportunity to report that around 30 thousand units are missing every year in our regionà of blood; lack that determines the deferral of numerous surgical interventions.

To be highlightedì that in many cases the transfusion of blood è The only therapy capable of saving human life (serious bleeding, thalassemic, etc.) and has, moreover, a beneficial effect on the same donors.