Subiaco – Angelucci hospital no to dismantling

Subiaco – Angelucci hospital, no to dismantling

In these days I have received the request for help from the population of the Aniene Valley: 31 municipalities hanging from the fate of the Angelucci hospital in Subiaco to guarantee their right to health. The strong complaint of the city committees that sign the document is to stop the progressive dismantling of the departments and services, as has also been the psychiatric service of diagnosis and care, transferred to Colleferro. In these days when the company's ASL ASL documents are upon examination of the Health Commission of the Regional Council, it therefore seems to me necessary to welcome not only the cry of pain of the citizens and administrators of this large and articulated territory that are beating from 5 years to keep their possibility of care alive, but also the formal request to establish a special table to listen to the mayors, the mountain community and the civic associations ready to express an opinion on the new company act of the ASL Roma G before the his approval.

With a precise objective that I support and share: to avoid the slow and painful closure of the Angelucci hospital in Subiaco and restore the emergency room and all the departments functional to it, thus making it effective as much times illustrated by President Nicola Zingaretti on his reorganization plan Lazio Hospital.

So in a well -known Oscar Tortosa, group leader of the Italian Socialist Party at the Council of the Lazio Region.