Sleeping room use it only on a medical prescription

Sleeping room, use it only on a medical prescription

Many people suffer from insomnia, in which the difficulty in sleeping or disturbed sleep with frequent night awakenings is also included. Obviously all this will lead to daytime tiredness, irritability, difficulty in carrying out one’s work and in general it will cause a worsening in the quality of life.

To solve this problem

Therefore, to solve this problem, many resort to sleepingos, hypno -educational drugs that facilitate asleep. The most used drugs are benzodiazepine (Dalmadorm, Felison, Halcion, Minias, Roipnol and so on) and other drugs that have a sedative effect (Nightm, Stilnox, Buspar and so on).

Wide use is also made of natural products such as Valerian, Sedatol and so on.

The first type of drug mentioned, however, if used for a long time, causes physical and psychological dependence, addiction and abstinence crisis.

So it is good that they are used only on a medical prescription as it is important to hear the doctor also for the reduction of the drug and for its interruption which must be gradual as, if abrupt, it can cause side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, nausea , headache, palpitations, tremors, sweating.

Other less frequent symptoms could be muscle pain, vomiting, intolerance to lights and sounds and, rarely, convulsions and a series of other ailments such as excitement, sadness, delirium, hallucinations, difficulties in thinking and expressing one’s emotions.

In the roundup of drugs against insomnia

In the roundup of drugs against insomnia, they are also to be mentioned Sonniferi without prescription which are the bench ones that can be purchased without a medical prescription; they are a valid alternative to drugs, as they do not have contraindications and do not create addiction.

To increase the effectiveness of the latter, it is necessary to do your part, for example trying to always bed at the same time to stabilize the circadian rhythm; avoid taking caffeine, especially in the evening; give up on daytime spaceships; do not use electronic devices in the evening; carry out regular physical activity.