Influence vaccine who can do it

Influence vaccine, who can do it

Before the flu period begins, many people undergo the flu vaccines. It is indicated for all those who want to avoid influence and who, being perhaps fragile subjects, do not want to run the risk of complications if they contract it. Recall that in winter it is good to increase the daily doses of vitamin C that we can find in different foods in nature.

Vaccine for the weak bands fundamental in this historical period

In particular, it is:

  • women who are found in pregnancy at the beginning of the epidemic season and in the “postpartum” period;
  • subjects from 6 months to 65 years of age suffering from pathologies that increase the risk of influence complications (chronic diseases against the respiratory system such as severe asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis and chronic oysterctive-bloc bronchopathy; diseases ofcardio-circulatory apparatus, including congenital and acquired heart disease; diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases; Chronic renal/adrenal failure; diseases of Emotic and hemoglobinopathy organs; tumors and in the course of chemotherapy treatment; congenital or acquired diseases which involve lacking production of antibodies, immunosuppression induced by drugs or HIVs; chronic inflammatory diseases and intestinal malabsorption syndromes; pathologies for which important surgery are planned; pathologies associated with an increased risk of suction of respiratory secretions; chronic hepatopathies);
  • subjects of age equal to or over 65 years;
  • Children and teenagers in long -term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, at risk of Reye syndrome in case of flu infection;
  • individuals of any age admitted to long -term facilities;
  • family members and contacts (adults and children) of subjects at high risk of complications (regardless of whether the subject at risk has been vaccinated or not).

It is also recommended for subjects Public services of primary collective interest and categories of workers such as doctors and health personnel, police forces, firefighters or those who they work closely with animals (breeders, transport of live animals, slaughters, veterinarians).

Furthermore, also i blood donors they should undergo the flu vaccine.