Sun the vademecum on the best times

Sun, the vademecum on the best times

One of the first things you think about when summer comes is expose yourself to the sun to tan. The sun is our friend, it is good for the body, makes us happy and above all stimulates the production of vitamin D fundamental for the health of the bones.

The sun and the tanning

Even if it is pleasant to spend many hours under the sun to tan, though, There is a vademecum on the best exposure times.

In the first days try to expose yourself to the sun gradually, and in general for no more than 45 minutes.

In fact, breaks must be taken; In the intense sun, on the other hand, avoid exposing yourself for more than 20 minutes because Melanina is not produced beyond this threshold.

After the first three days of the sea, you can increase the exposure time, however, always using the right protection.

Exposure to the sun follows precise times and times.

Children under 3 years of age must take the first sun (from 7 maximum to 10 in the morning) and after 4pm in the afternoon.

For adults, time extends a little: in the morning it is advisable to expose yourself until 11 and in the afternoon after 3pm; The sun from 12 to 15 is absolutely banned.

Apply solar products before leaving, from the morning, and frequently renew the application, in particular in case of intense sweating and after each prolonged bathroom.

Protection must be put even if you are not on the beach: when you are on the street, by bike, you jogging, and it is advisable to use higher protection for your face.

However, since the main objective is to have a nice tan, in addition to all these “rules”, a advice is to wash well to eliminate traces of salt, after being at the sea, and subsequently drying out just well to avoid that the droplets act as an obstacle to the effect of solar products.