Healthcare 20 thousand young specialists ready to enter the NHS

Healthcare, 20 thousand young specialists ready to enter the NHS

“ there are 20 thousand specialists under 45 years ready to enter the National Health Service to which are added 34.400 specializing. In the coming years, 52 thousand doctors will retire, therefore, taking the accounts, between specializing and specialists, the turnover would be covered ”.

To say it, anticipating one of the themes that will be at the center of the next National Congress Sumai, and ’ Just the national secretary of the major union of outpatient doctors, Antonio Magi, in an ’ interview with the press agency to say.

Antonio Magi, in an ’ interview with the press agency to say

“ Dov ’ is the point?- is asked for magi- and ’ If you really want to have a performance quality. Because one of the policies we see in Italy and ’ l ’. Medicine and ’ made of skills- explains the secretary Sumai- therefore the specialists must be enhanced and giving the possibility to specialize by increasing the bags and by closing the training course to all Italian doctors ”.

The theme e ’ current, like the one that gives ’ the title of the congress that is earthly ’ From 14 to 17 October to Gardone Riviera: ‘ Outpatient specialist and differentiated universalism ’.

“ a provocative title- Magi says to make a serious confrontation because the regions ask for greater autonomy but we must try to put together the universalism of the NHS and the differentiated regionalism. We have already reasoned on possible solutions, and we would like to be shared following a debate between government, regions and outpatient specialists. We want to set in motion a calm comparison- he concludes- to protect citizens and keep the equality from north to south, and give operators the opportunity to make the most of.

Because today c ’ E ’ A suffering from operators who are not able to make the best of the citizens who have lists of very long waiting, and from the regions that must solve the problem ”.