Swim for Help – Parkinson’s sensitization event

Swim for Help – Parkinson’s sensitization event

Sunday 30 August, at Lake Maggiore, the first edition of the “Swim for Help” event will be held (Facebook.com/Swimforhelp), a swimming crossing of Lake Maggiore at the same time in solidarity and information.
The participants, suffering from Parkinson’s, will swim from San Nazzaro to Ascona, 1.7 kilometers, to raise awareness of the fundamental importance of the movement and physical activity in the containment of motor symptoms related to pathology and to share precious information about the rehabilitation -nenovative motor activities, assisted traditional treatments.

Promoter of the event is Switzerland Progotan

Promoter of the event, in fact, is Switzerland Progotan (Progotan.com) which mainly deals with rehabilitation using Argentine tango as therapeutic tool. To support the PGR event (Parkinsongiovanile event.IT), ONLUS ASSOCIATION PARKinson Youth Rome, support reality aimed at young people from Parkinson’s sick. The event is the occasion to create a support network for the sick, a precious synergy to offer more therapeutic opportunities to patients, so much so that it has collected the adhesion of many of the most important associative realities related At Parkinson in Italy and Switzerland, such as the Swiss Parkinson’s Association thanks to Kate Ercegovic.

The president Emanuela Olivieri and Dott will represent the PGR Onlus in this exciting adventure in this exciting adventure.Ssa Emilia Tetta with the objective of having fun and underlining once again the importance of physical activity in Parkinson’s disease.

Dr.Ssa Emila Tetta, psychologist

We will grasp the opportunity to raise awareness of the public opinion on the theme of neurodegenerative diseases with early debut, declares Dott.Ssa Emila psychologist, who has been engaged in volunteering alongside the youngest for years, We therefore thank the Dott. Giuseppe Sarcinella della Progotan for the excellent job, for creating the “Swim for Help” and for having believed, like us, in teamwork. The sensitization swimming, adds the Dott.SSA Tetta, it is self -financed; For this reason we have opened a fundraising on gofundme.com (https: // gf.me/u/ykixkp) to allow anyone who wants to participate without charges.

We need you and your support.

I thank the participants in advance, their family members, all the volunteers and all those who with their minimum support will make this event possible. Move is life!”

The Dott will also go down to the water. Nicola Modugno, neurologist and president of Parkinzone, always alongside the patients and Cecilia Ferrari, lover of challenges and swimming in free waters, who despite his 12 years of illness has already swam twice the Strait of Messina.

At the end of the event there will be a meeting with the press in order to share the results of this first edition of “Swim for Help”. For any additional information, you can contact Dott.SSA Emilia Tetta ([email protected]).

The event program is as follows:

– 8:00 am Meeting at the Patriziato port of Ascona for the transfer to San Nazzaro by boat;
– 9:30 am departure of the crossing;
– Arrival at the Patriziato port of Ascona by 11:00;
– 11:30 press conference;
– 12:30 am refreshments and greetings.