Sinusitis as can be recognized

Sinusitis, as can be recognized

Sinusitis is a disorder that presents itself in many people especially during the winter period. It is characterized by an acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the paranasal sinuses, that is, those cavities found within the bones of the skull and the face which, through narrow channels, remain in communication with the internal part of the nose.

When the sinusitis of Dic Acuta

It is said acute If his duration lasts for about 2-3 weeks while it is chronic if it continues for several months continuously.

Finally, it can be recurring, that is, when it presents itself more than 3 times during the same year.

The causes of sinusitis can be sought in oneViral infection (as they can be a cold or influence) or even in onebacterial infection which originates from a viral infection (like when the stagnation of mucus favors the development of germs from the nose or mouth).

Sinusitis can be rarely caused by mushrooms or inflammation to the teeth.

In any case, sinusitis can often be confused with a simple cold or rhinitis, So how can you recognize?

We must refer to some more or less recurrent symptoms:

  • pain at the level of the nose, forehead and eyes
  • fever and sometimes fat cough
  • heachache
  • closed nose
  • toothache
  • reduction of smell and taste (anosmia)
  • Yellow-green secretions from the nose
  • bad breath (halitosis)
  • tearing
  • sense of malaise

In children, one of the symptoms that manifests itself most frequently is the nervousness together with irritability, loss of appetite, breathing with mouth and nasal voice.

In any case, for an effective diagnosis of sinusitis, it is advisable to contact a doctor who, based on the symptoms and examining the interior of the nasal cavities, may prescribe the most effective therapy to treat the disorder or, in the case of more serious sinusitis , advise to contact a more detailed or more in -depth control.