San Giovanni Addolorata auditory screening for the baby 0-1 month

San Giovanni Addolorata, auditory screening for the baby 0-1 month

L’San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital participate in the World hearing day, dedicated to awareness, prevention and information on deafness, with thefree auditory screening offer and with direct access for baby 0 – 1 month.

The company of Neonatology and Tin of the company, according to indications and regional program, regularly submits to the screening for deafness all the infants who came to light at San Giovanni and hospitalized in the nest, in intensive care and in neonatal pathology. The exam consists in the execution of auditory tests, pre-release from the birth point.

Neonatal auditory screening

Neonatal auditory screening constitutes a fundamental tool for prevention and early diagnosis, allowing to promptly identify the congenital deafness and the possible presence of an auditory deficit so that we can quickly activate the most appropriate treatments to limit the complications of deafness.

On Tuesday 3 March, the UOC of Neonatology extends neonatal auditory screening also to the baby external users.

For interested parents:


Tuesday 3 March 2020 from 9.00 to 3pm.00


The performance is free and direct access

Where is it

Corps Pediatric Clinic T, Piano I – Prestidio Santa Maria, via San Giovanni in Laterano 155.