Rome – Sex and health worries the report of the Superior Council of Healthcare

Roma – Sex and health: the report of the Superior Council of Health worries worries

Every year a very high number of people in Italy and Europe acquires a sexually transmitted infection: c ’ unfortunately it is still little information on how to prevent these infections. Venereal diseases are therefore increasing in young and adults, but also cases of HIV infection have grown in the last five years. It is an erroneously underestimated problematic picture, perhaps also because people do not gladly speak of these problems even with their general practitioners.

It is not yet possible to pass the message that is also enough a single unprotected sexual relationship to transmit infections. The use of condoms, which absolutely does not reduce sexual pleasure, is an extremely simple medical garrison against the risk of infection but, evidently, even the prophylactic is always spoken with much difficulty. The prophylactic therefore offers the best protection against contagion from sexually transmitted diseases among all the anti-contractive methodologies currently available.

An intact and correctly used condom is able to block the transmission of viruses and pathogens with extreme effectiveness, avoiding that the secretions of the partners come into contact with the mucous membranes, reducing the risk of contracting sexual transmission diseases, primarily, the virus HIV.

“As stated by Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, the new Report on sexually transmitted infections of the Superior Health Council, which will be officially presented shortly, record a increase worrying of the contagions, especially among the very young. Which association committed every day in the contrast of IST and in direct contact with a larger and more heterogeneous population – he claims Mario Marco Canale president of Irardos – We can say with certainty that these advances confirm the signs made innantly innumerable times by all the associative realities that deal with the phenomenon, from the national level to the territories. The Anddos clubs, which distribute beyond 1 million condoms every year, and the many associative realities that have so far constituted an argine to everything through social commitment in the territories, they can no longer be left alone. Without a massive reversal of the state by the state, it will not be possible to cope with an emergency that has been there for years for years, whichAnd it concerns LGBTI people as well as heterosexual ones and which affects several infections beyond theHIV including the syphilis, among the most insidious because they are difficult to recognize by the symptoms. We need investments in information campaigns, Of Extend free controls to all IST by improving access for minors, to modify school programs by definitively inserting theaffective and sexual education, to make i condoms free of charge in hospitals.

They are measures of civilizations that several European countries have already approved for some time, lastly Portugal, which, in addition to guaranteeing the right to health, can remark to health expenditure considerably, If we consider that HIV prevention costs much less than care. On the occasion of the conference for the World Day of Prevention of AIDS, scheduled for December 1st, we will face very issues and problems related to health protection and we will present the new protocol of ANDDOS &#8221 anti -violence centers;.