NASA captures the sun’s smile Science Journal

NASA has captured the smile of the Sun

This photo was taken with instruments from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). You can clearly see the eyes, nose and mouth arranged in a smile. The cheekbones and the outline of the head are also quite clearly visible in the photograph. The whole thing looks like the Sun is smiling at the rest of the Universe.

The two bright eye-like features are actually active regions on the Sun, któthat can generate a solar flare. The smile is actually a long strip of plasma in the solar atmosphere. The nose is a coronal hole, whichówhich, in turn, is a source ofóby the solar wind.

Photo: NASA

All of these features, whichóthat remind us of a smile, they are temporary. Processes on the sun are very dynamic and constantly changing.

This is not the first time NASA has captured a face-like shape on the Sun. In 2014, NASA researchers spotted shapes on the Sun that resembled a Halloween pumpkin lantern.

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