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Nanostat to Alpha Centauri

The Breakthrough Starshot project itself is not new. It was announced earlier this year by billionaire Yuri Milner, along with world-renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking and Internet tycoon Mark Zuckerberg. At the beginning of December it was reported that specialists from NASA had joined the work. The idea is innovative in that it changes the concept of flightów. adapts it to our technology.

Why build a big, manned spacecraft thatóry would have to fly four light years, since miniature ships equipped with róthat would shed light on the matteróre can be accelerated from about 20 percent. the speed of light. To increase the chances of achieving the goal, such ships can beóin send thousands of.

StarChips – This is how the first interplanetary spacecraft of mankind were christened. Each will carry a camera and sensor suiteów. However, on the way to the realization of the podróspace veins stood the technology. Scientists are not convinced that the miniature spacecraft will survive such a long exposure to cosmic radiation.

It is possible to minimize exposure to cosmic rays by building a protective shell, but this will significantly increase the weight of the spacecraft, thus decreasing its speed and increasing its flight duration.

With help came engineers from NASA and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). According to them, the best solution to the problem is to use self-repairing transistorsów. Such technology has just been perfected by the Koreans from KIST. Gate-All-Around (GAA) nanowire transistors have shown in tests that they can regenerate on a surprisingly large scale. Increasing the temperature allows flash memory to recover about 10 thousand. times. A ship equipped with such transistors móto turn itself off in the event of a fault, automatically raise its temperature and repair itself, then turn itself back on.

But how to get there? It is not only the idea of reducing the size that is novelóin the ship, but also its drive. The small probes will also be equipped with a sail, whichówill be moved by the solar wind. In order not to waste time gaining speed, the nanostats will be accelerated by laser beams from the Earth. The whole driveóThe life span of the spacecraft is expected to be about 20 years. It will take another few to send to Earth the data made by the ship’s instrumentsów.

– With the help of light beams, light sails and the smallest shipsóWe could launch a mission to Alpha Centauri within a generation – Hawking said. – Today we commit to the next great leap into space, because we are human and it is our nature to fly – The astrophysicist added during the announcement of the project.

Project initiator Yuri Milner does not hide that his goal is to find an alien civilization. Milner – an Internet investor and billionaire with a background in physics – estimates that the Breakthrough Starshot project will cost about 10 billionóin a dollarów.

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