Life may have once thrived on Mars. Curiosity finds boron Journal of Science

Life may have once thrived on Mars. Curiosity found boron

There is growing evidence that life once existed on our neighbouring planet. Although there is no certainty. But provided by róThe evidence of rovers on the surface of the Red Planet is thought to. These latest uploads from the Curiosity rover show evidence of boron on Mars. This element chemically resembles silicon and carbon. It is essential for plants and animals. At least the terrestrial ones.

– We see chemical complexity indicating that water was there in the past. The more complex the chemistry, the better for the development of life – said John Grotzinger of NASA, a member of the Curiosity rover management team. – The occurrence of boron, hematite and the mineralóin the clay highlight the variability of the element’sóand it’s good for the occurrence of life. I think this is an extremely exciting discovery – added by.

Curiosity rover finds boron on Mars for the first time. The discovery was made in the Gale crater’a. Researchers believe that in the past the crater was located lake. Of course, according to hypotheses, this happened millions of years ago.

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