Let’s save a life the story of little Diana

Let’s save a life, the story of little Diana

In October 2018, a serious hematological disease is diagnosed, called the bone marrow aplasia, of severe degree. In practice, its marrow has stopped working and does not produce the three fundamental elements of the blood: white blood cells, red and platelets. The girl, only six years old, is a transfusion-dependent: it undergoes on average two transfusions per week at the Bambino Gesù in Rome where it has been under treatment since the beginning of this story.

Immunosuppressive cure did not give any outcome for which the prof. Locatelli indicated the marrow transplant road as the only way out.

In March the good news: a German donor.

In March the good news: a German donor. The parents are very happy: knowing that there is someone who can save the life of those who have the most dear to the world makes you believe again in mankind. So little Diana began the pre-transplantological path consisting of a series of exams (CT, blood tests, ultrasound), but to date the donor has not been concretely ahead by making Diana lose 3 precious months.

Today the father, Michele, asks all friends and acquaintances to share this hope so that he reaches the heart of those who can, with a small gesture, save Diana’s life and many small children who live in this dimension suspended between the nightmare and reality.

The donation of the marrow consists of a very simple blood sampling. The stem cells are, in fact, taken directly from the peripheral blood, by means of a defined aprese procedure, so a small gesture can save the life of a child and give added value to the donor’s life.

If you are between 18 and 35, it becomes a superhero: give the marrow.

On July 6, a simple salivary swab will be carried out to check the compatibility for which you do not have to bring blood tests