Kozłowski, Samoć, Spałek and Wojciszke received Polish Nobel Prizes Scientific Journal

Kozłowski, Samoć, Spałek and Wojciszke receive Polish Nobel Prize

The awards of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), also known as Polish Nobels, were presented at the Castle Królewski in Warsaw. These awards are given to Polish scientists for a particularólne scientific achievements and discoveries, whichóthat push the boundaries of cognition and open up new cognitive perspectives and make an outstanding contribution to the civilizational and cultural progress of our country.

This year the statuettes and cheques for 200 thousand EUR. Four prominent professors have been nominated: Jan Kozłowski from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Marek Samoć from the Wrocław University of Technology, JóThe following professors: Jan Kozłowski from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Bogdan Wojciszke from the SWPS Humanities and Social Sciences University, Faculty of Sociology, Sopot.

During the ceremony, President Andrzej Duda reminded that as the President he has the honour to hand in nominations for professorships. – With every professorial appointment I ask these newly promoted professorsów that as President of the Republic of Poland I am waiting and begging for the Polish Nobel Prize. But not so much the Polish Nobel – in the sense as the Polish Nobel are the awards of the Foundation for Polish Science. Polish Nobel Prize, or the Nobel Prize for a Pole, for a Polish scientist – móPresident Andrzej Duda. – While congratulating the laureates, I would like to wish you this world Nobel Prize, not only the Polish Nobel Prize,” said professor Andrzej Duda to the awardeesóPresident.

– I am very much counting on the fact that by 2020 we will manage to spend the treasury, state expenditure on research and developmentój raise twice. (. ) I believe that this will already mean extremely significant progress. I believe that we will be able to develop systemic mechanisms thatóthat will enable what is called commercialization of the resultóin scientific research – móThe President of the Republic of Poland announced on Thursday.

In turn, the President of the. Maciej Żylicz reminded that zaróThe award, as well as the foundation itself, has just celebrated a quarter of a century. – Our task is to promote quality in science – he emphasized.

In assessing the state of Polish science, prof. Żylicz pointed out that despite its underfunding, domestic researchers have achieved considerable success. He also expressed hope that Polish science will become more international.

Prof. Jan Kozłowski was awarded in the field of earth sciences. He was awarded the prize for the formulation and experimental verification of an explanatory theory "róhe diversity of life strategies of the organismóas an effect of optimal allocation of resourcesów". The theory he developed explains the enormous zróThe theory he developed explains the enormous variation in the timing of puberty, body size of the individualóThe winners of the FNP awards are young scientists whoórek, as róThe theory explains the enormous variation in the length of life of an organismóin living.

– I was very lucky in my scientific activity that the driving force of my work was a desire to learn and share knowledge with others. I didn’t really, I confess, care about the impact factor (. ) – móDuring the ceremony, the laureate Bogdan Wojciszke.

– Today’s award is due in no small part to my young, enthusiastic colleaguesóemployeeóin, któThey let themselves be carried away by the vision I had – móIt turned out that the mainstream came to this niche – recalled prof. Marek Samoć, który received the FNP Award in the area of chemical and material sciences for research on materialsóin nanostructured materials for nonlinear optics. Thanks to the effects discovered by the scientist, new materials applied in photonics may improve the transmission and processing of information. The research will also open the way for cheaper, more efficient and greener third-generation electric cells.

In the field of mathematical, physical and engineering sciences this year’s winner is prof. Józf Spałek. While receiving the award, he emphasized that the basis of his success was hard work. – You can’t lose your common sense when you leave the lab,” he said. He considered the most important factor in his research activity to be a new idea, whichóand then consistently, for years "should be worked out".

The jury appreciated his researchóin strongly correlated, and in particularólability the formulation of the t-J model. The results of research of the scientist and his team on high-temperature superconductivity are already useful in designing the róThe theory explains the enormous variation in maturation time, body size, and.

The laureate in the field of humanities and social sciences was prof. Bogdan Wojciszke. His achievements related to the development of the causality model and the t-J model were appreciatedólnoticities as the basic dimensions ofóin social cognition. His model of two-dimensional social cognition became the dominant theory of modern social psychology. This concept makes it possible to study stereotypes, prejudices and relations within and between groups. – When I started dealing with this issue a dozen or so years ago – it was definitely not mainstream. It was a small niche in whichówho have been. It turned out that the mainstream came to this niche – recalled the scientist.

The winners of the FNP awards are young scientists whoóin perceived "I did not really care about the impact factor (the award and the foundation itself have just celebrated a quarter of a century)óhe scientific excellence of the EU and its Member States" – móThe Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Science, prof. Lukasz Szumowski. He emphasized that the laureates are not only outstanding scientists, but also people whoóthat affect everyday life – whether by creating medical advances or marking contributions to social and cultural life.

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