Indian spices how to use them in the kitchen

Indian spices: how to use them in the kitchen?

The spices Indian they are known all over the world for theirs goodness and for their fragrant perfume. These are special foods, which are used to flavor dishes and to strengthen the taste of typical Indian preparations. But the spices perform an important function for the health and the Welfare, because they avoid the massive use of salt and condiments, while bringing vitamins and salts minerals precious for the organism.

Indian spices and vegetable dishes

Spices are widely used in the preparation of dishes Of vegetables. In this case, these are preparations dedicated to those who follow one diet vegan or vegetarian, But also to all the people who love to feed with panache and taste. The most used spices are the curry, A mix of orange -colored powders that smells the vegetables and makes them slightly spicy, then the pepper and the beneficial turmeric.

L ’ turmeric It is very important and nutritionists advise to associate it with the use of pepper, To benefit from the top of the active ingredients contained in it. Turmeric offers a pool of mineral salts and important substances to maintain a high rate of health and ideal for lowering the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood.

Indian spices are used to strengthen the system immune and to encourage the digestion. E ’ This is the case of ginger, who knows how to refresh with its lemon aroma the vegetable dishes and which proposes itself as an ideal ingredient in the creation of centrifuges and of juice of natural vegetables.

Indian spices and meat and fish dishes

Spices can be found in specialized shops, such as the online shop Shankara that proposes spices Indian of great quality and interesting composition. In the preparation of dishes of meat and of fish The curry And perhaps the most known dish in this sense is precisely the ‘chicken to the curry‘. The spice manage, in this case, to make the meat of the volatiles sweeter and more fragrant and perfume it by defining it at best, whatever the type of cooking, then in the plate or baked pot.

The curry and i mix Of spices Indians can be used in the preparation of good dishes of fish, to whom they know how to give a perfume full it’s interesting. The ideal combinations are born with i crustaceans like the scampi and i shrimp, but also with i fish blues from the rich pulp. The spices can be used during cooking or cold, giving aroma, color and flavor to preparations of great value and goodness.