Flying spiders Yes, they exist and have colonized an island in the Pacific Journal of Science

Flying spiders? Yes, they exist and they colonized an island in the Pacific

Flying spiders? it’s not the best news for people suffering from arachnophobia. Scientists at Argentina’s government agency, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, believe that one of the speciesóin a butterfly spider (Anyphaenidae) colonized Robinson Crusoe Island.

It is surprising that the island is located about 670 kilometersóoff the coast of Chile. Even more interesting is that it took place two million years ago – so researchers believe. Therefore, having no competition, flying spiders thrived for years and no one bothered them.

The island is relatively young at about four millionóin years, so all the creatures on it must have been there in some wayób to reach. Researchers since 2011 have found on this small, rocky patch of land, seven new species ofóin a spiderów.

This spider has developed a very interesting mechanism that allows it to fly. The animal spins something like a kite from its thread and can use it to travel very long distances.

The butterfly family includes more than 500 speciesów. Only one of them exists in Poland, unless someoneólynx will fly to us.

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