Flight over Mawrth Valais. Video of the Mars Express spacecraft Science Daily

Flight over Mawrth Valais. A movie of the Mars Express probe

The European Space Agency (ESA) has shown a beautiful video of a flight over a Martian valley. Mawrth Valais is actually an outflow channel located between the southern highlands and póOn the northern plains of the Red Planet. The area is riddled with numerous craters, remnants of meteorite impactsów.

The bright spots seen in the video are layered silicates, whichóthat there was liquid water there in the past.

Róthe diversity of mineralsóThe evidence indicating the presence of water in the area in the ancient past was one of the reasons why researchers from ESA proposed Mawrth Valais as a landing site for roversóin the second part of the ExoMars mission. Minerals left by the water may contain a record of a previously friendly environment for the origin of life.

The second part of the ExoMars mission is planned for 2020 and will land on Mars dwóroverów. One is supposed to be Russian made – Roskosmos, and the other will be the work of scientistsów with ESA. Recall that the first part of the mission, about whichóAs we wrote earlier, it has not completed 100 percent. successful. On October 19, the Schiaparelli lander smashed into the surface of the Red Planet. But the Trace Gas Orbiter probe has entered orbit, whichóre already sent the first pictures.

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