Colon and rectum tumors the integrated care path of the ASL of Viterbo

Colon and rectum tumors, the integrated care path of the ASL of Viterbo

Colon and rectum cancer. The ASL puts in place a quick, effective and multidisciplinary therapeutic diagnostic path that ensures patients with suspicion of tumor residing in Tuscia all the therapeutic responses necessary to satisfy the different health needs.

The integrated care path was presented this morning during a press conference by the general manager of the ASL of Viterbo, Daniela Donetti, and by the professionals of the multidisciplinary group who operate inside and who is made up of surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists , pathologists, molecular biologists, digestive endoscopists/gastroenterologists, psychologists and by a nursing coordinator.

In the province of Viterbo – explained Daniela Donetti – Every year there are about 300 cases of people affected by this pathology. The path we presented defines the total charge, from prevention to rehabilitation. The message we want to direct to our users is that at the ASL of Viterbo, professionals of high skills operate able to respond adequately to all requests of therapeutic assistance of people with colon and rectum cancer.

For them we are able to guarantee the best treatments, in the shortest possible time, in their province of residence “.

The path activated by the ASL – comments the Director of the Health and Social Policies Department of the Lazio Region, Vincenzo Panella – intercepts the patients affected by a pathology on which the Region is investing a lot in all its aspects, starting from the cancer screening program of the colon and rectum, what nerve point of the network that accompanies patients towards their care path. In addition, the Lazio Region believes a lot in the methodology of the clinical welfare paths because, through these, the health organization assumes the responsibility of taking on all the therapeutic welfare needs of the patient and because the paths effectively contribute to contrasting the phenomenon of the lists of wait”.

What does the integrated treatment of care for colon and rectum cancers provide